Jags Upset the Colts in Big Win

During a Klown Out at their home stadium, the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts for a big win.

The Jacksonville Jags have faced a hard season. Their record stood at 2-14 just earlier today. They've dealt with staffing issues as Meyers, former head coach was let go during the middle of the season.

The Jags also had to face the Klown Out today during their last game of the season. The fans showed up dressed as clowns to show displeasure with the owner of the team, Shad Khan for his decision to retain the general manager Trent Baalke- who is responsible for much of the poor management of the team.

Though the bigger story today isn't the roughly 200 clowns who showed up to watch the game, but the win. Trevor Lawerence in particular came out and proved why he earned last years number one pick in the drafts. The former Clemson quarterback throw a touchdown on the first possession of the game and continued to put the Jags in range for field goal after field goal when a touchdown was just out of reach.

The Jags proved that with time, they will be a real competitor for the rest of the NFL today, upsetting the favorite pick of the day, scoring 26 and holding the Colts to 11, scoring only one touchdown the entire game.

They also have secured the number one pick in the draft again this year, despite the win today.

Clowning the Colts, the Jags have prevented the Indianapolis team from gaining the wild card spot. The loss is possibly more embarrassing of the previous to the Jags, Even Jaguars defensive end Dawuane Smoot speaks on the topic, saying it was good to go out on a win despite the season turmoil.

The Jags fans were surely excited to walk away from the stadium celebrating the last game of the season. Perhaps not the season that they wanted, but the Jags went out on a high, winning not only the game, but also retaining the number one pick a second season in a row.

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